What social networks should I be on for my new sustainable business launch?

Woman siting with an ipad. Setting up her social media networks for her new sustainable business.

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I see you change-maker, getting closer to launching your dream business that will help make the world more sustainable while wondering about a thousand different things.

I’m sure building your social media presence is weighing heavy on you. You look around at your competitor’s social media presence with equal parts envy and inspiration. You are feeling overwhelmed about where to start and how you are going to do it all.

Take a deep breath. Now focus on your target customer. They are all that matters. You are here because you want to create value for them. Now that you are in the right mindset let’s talk about your social media strategy.

Question 1: Do I need to be on social media?

Yes! You do.

Your social media is your most prominent social proof as a new business.

It tells your potential customers that you are a legitimate business.

It is also a fantastic way to promote your products and build your loyal customers.

Question 2: Do I need to be on all social platforms?

No! Not to start with at the very least and probably never.

Unless you have huge financial backing and are hiring a team to manage your social media you need to start small and grow slowly.

The biggest marketing mistake new businesses make is trying to do it all. 1 or 2 on brand, updated platforms will far outweigh a scattered or vacant multiplatform strategy.

Always go for quality over quantity.

Make a little promise to yourself that you won’t take on more than 2 networks for your first 3 months.

Question 3: Which platform should I be on?

Whichever platform your target audience is on. I know that sounds dismissive but remember your goal with social media is to connect with your ideal customers so go where they are. Pick one (or two) of the big social platforms. For most businesses that means Facebook. Instagram is the second most popular choice for those with a younger target market.

Once you’ve picked out your platform learn all that you can about it and focus on creating a loyal, engaged following. If you are struggling with what to post take a look at my post on how to build a social media network before launch.

Overwhelmed and need help building your social media launch strategy? Check out my Strategy Intensive session. It is perfect for us to evaluate your launch strategy and build a personalised plan that won’t result in launching to crickets.


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