Supercharge your productivity with this easy technique: How to batch

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Want to be more productive?


Batching is dedicating blocks of time to similar tasks.

It decreased distractions and the cost of task switching.

Batching increases productivity, creativity and focus.

It also decreased procrastination, stress and fatigue.

And the best thing is it is actually very easy to do.

How to batch and increase your productivity

  1. Set aside intentional blocks of time for your important tasks. (i.e. 30 minutes to write your week’s Instagram captions or an hour to process orders)
  2. Remove/reduce all potential distractions. (i.e. exit your email, turn your phone off, put on some noise-cancelling headphones)
  3. Only work on your assigned task. Focus on process, not progress.
  4. When the blocked time is up, take a meaningful break.
  5. Repeat for your next blocked time.

And that’s it. Of course, there is plenty of science behind the technique but rather than getting into that I encourage you to take action and start your first batching session today. 


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