12 simple ways to move forward during upheaval and find a new normal

relaxed woman on her computer looking up simple ways to move forward during upheaval and find a new normal

Things have changed a lot in the last couple of weeks for everyone around the world and so today’s blog is on moving forward during upheaval, and how we can find a new normal.  I’m writing this post from a place of upheaval myself. These are the strategies I’ve put in place to find my […]

Supercharge your productivity with this easy technique: How to batch

Woman at a desk with laptop and notebook batching her work

Want to be more productive? BATCH! Batching is dedicating blocks of time to similar tasks. It decreased distractions and the cost of task switching. Batching increases productivity, creativity and focus. It also decreased procrastination, stress and fatigue. And the best thing is it is actually very easy to do. How to batch and increase your […]

14 ways to move your business forward when you are feeling drained

Woman at her computer feeling drained and not sure how to move her business forward

Somedays it’s hard to get up in the morning. It’s hard to work on your business. A bad night’s sleep, a roadblock in production, slow sales, startup burn out… there are so many reasons you feel drained. It’s inevitable that some days you ‘just can’t’. So how can you keep your business moving forward when […]

5 steps to calm your active mind and get to sleep quicker

An entrepreneur trying to get to sleep

Why is it that when we lay down to sleep we just can’t? For me, it was too much thinking! Thinking about everything I needed to do, coming up with insightful Instagram captions that I would long forget when I finally woke the next day…, stressing about a new product launch, planning influencer campaigns, or […]