22 ways to deal with self-doubt when starting and running your eco-business.

Woman on a swinging chair thinking about her self-doubt

Starting an running a business is tough. It’s hard work and it takes a lot of self-belief. Sometimes (often!), that self-belief takes a hit. Here are 22 ways you can deal with self-doubt when it kicks in. 1. Celebrate the small successes Celebrating your success is an important part of diminishing impostor syndrome and self-doubt. […]

What is an ecopreneur?

An ecopreneur designing their next product

According to yourdictionary.com an ecopreneur is ‘an entrepreneur operating an environmentally sustainable business.’Ecopreneurs consist of individuals wanting to deal with wide-spanning environmental issues. The most common are:  Ocean pollution Food waste Single-use plastic Deforestation Ecosystem destruction Endangered species Ecopreneurs often work towards cradle to cradle product design and triple bottom line accounting. Profits do not […]

A guide to Sustainable Packaging

Woman packaging her products in a sustainable way

Imagine your customer happily awaiting their product to arrive only to be disappointed when it arrives due to unsustainable packaging. As the first physical touchpoint with your product, unsustainable packaging starts the customer’s product use negatively. Eco packaging is a must for companies that are positioning themselves as sustainable. Packaging is a signal to your […]